No one else we would have rather shared a campsite with then our friends Karen and Sergio. I met Karen one evening at church and we became friends. About a month later I stood in my window at Wells Fargo and greeted a stranger as he walked up to make a deposit. Through our small talk I discovered that standing standing in front of me was the Sergio that Karen had told me so much about! a few months went buy and one day when Karen and I were hanging out I asked her where her and Sergio were going to get married. You'll never guess but they were moving directly across the street from Tyler and my balcony! It's no coincidence that the Lord purposely brought these two into our lives because Karen and I couldn't be anymore similar and those nerdy husbands of ours get a long just fine.

We road bikes with the deer, saw Yosemite falls, hiked to Vernal falls and fought a bear with our bare hands. Well, in our dreams we did at least. The mist trail to vernal falls this year wasn't a mist trail. It was practically a storm trail! What an experience that was. Let me tell you. I've never been so thankful for a a 2 dollar poncho and flat ground after that one. 

If you're looking for a talented, caring, and overall amazing videographer for your wedding Karen and Sergio are yours! Check out more of their work at: